Dancing with Athletics huge success!

Posted by Windermere Preparatory School on Sep 25 2018 at 11:14AM PDT

Last week, the Laker Football Team came together with National Honor Society of Dance Arts in the first-ever Dancing with Athletics competition and fundraiser. As a spin-off of Dancing with the Stars, the football players were the stars, and society members were dancers. The performance itself was during an assembly period complemented by Gilliane Hadley as the MC, along with Jason King, Allison Barron, Dave Becker, and Greg Pesicek as judges. Participants included Andrew McLean dancing with Elizabeth Cotter, Najji Allen with Shannon Simmonds, Hunter Smallback with Kailey Grainger, Kenzo Shang with Mirabella Miranda, Joel Noel with Neeley Delamata, and Aidan Sakata dancing with Paris Desert. Together, $2223 was raised and will be donated to the organization of Kids Beating Cancer! A special thank you to all of those who participated! Aidan Sakata and Paris Dessert won (based on judges’ scores and donations generated) and took home the gold trophy. After months of preparation and rehearsing after practice, the Lakers put on a performance that has started a tradition for years to come!