XC District Meet Brings Out the Best in WPS Lakers Runners

Posted by Windermere Preparatory School on Oct 27 2015 at 06:12AM PDT in 2015-2016 Season

Saturday, October 24, 2015, Windermere Prep cross-country runners entered the district meet knowing that they had one goal in mind. Advance to Regionals…as teams!

The boys’ team had additional motivation to perform well because they had a chance to become district champions if they all ran the way they had been training all season. To run a 5K, or 3.1 miles, as fast as they can is always a challenge, but to know that a championship trophy was on the line was all it took to encourage the team to rise up and beat out their competition. The varsity runners – Kaio Valle, Alex Pogar, Zechariah Kim, Zavien Williams, Eric Wang, Alexander Brand, and Ben Best – pulled together to secure a victory, resulting in the team heading to Melbourne on October 31 for the Regional Meet.

The girls’ team had an equally impressive race as they qualified for the Regional Meet against all odds. With only five runners – Gabby Orlando, Maya Rifai, Brya Siebecker, Nana Bruce-Amanquah, and Danielle Hercules – these ladies placed fourth allowing them to advance as well. What is amazing is that one of the runners, Hercules, had been injured most of the season and this was her first meet after being cleared by her doctor.

All of our runners run for more than themselves. They run for their team which is why our chant each meet is “One Team.” When they run for something bigger, they yield better results which is evident.

We’ll carry our chant to the Regional Meet. Go Lakers!